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Jumpstart Your Deep Cleaning

Deadline. Reports. Online meetings. Kids’ school module. Laundry. Housekeeping. The list goes on.    Sounds familiar?     If you’re a working mom with this list, you might want to consider getting help around the house.  It can be overwhelming to clean, especially if you have kids around and work to manage. The endless clutter, dirt build-up, and viruses that might be present in your home can be worrisome. If you want to protect your family, save extra hours and spend it on things that matter, you can hire professionals to deep clean your home.      Deep Cleaning removes the deep-seated dirt and grime in your home. It covers tasks that are not included in your usual daily cleaning. It ensures that your house will be clean and spotless, so you can spend little time on regular cleaning. It also gives protection against harmful and disease-causing elements. The best part? You get to have some free time!    Book this service if you’re expecting guests, leasing your home, or just want a clean and sparkling place! Deep cleaning will need at least 4 hours and will depend on the dirt/grime and number of rooms to finish.     Tasks include, but not limited to:  Removing soap stains and scums from the shower head, faucet, floor tiles, kitchen tiles  Removing build up dirt behind appliances, inside the cabinet and cupboards  Dusting shelves, doors, furniture, baseboards in all rooms  Disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces and areas  Wiping clean all window glasses and sills    See for yourself how much you can accomplish with that extra time you will save from all that cleaning!  Schedule your deep cleaning service now!    Coming Soon: Deep Cleaning for your Living Room! Check back here for updates or subscribe to our email.   

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