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Pest Control: Should You Do It Yourself?

You see them a lot— they gnaw on wires, bite on skin, and fly on food. Just..ewww!    These unwanted insects or animals are known as pests. They can damage homes and properties,  and pose serious health problems for you and your family. Just the mere presence of pests in your home and business premise makes you want to get rid of them as soon as possible.     Any method that lets you reduce or eliminate pests is called pest control. As there are different kinds of pests, the process to get rid of them is also different.    Below is a list of common pests you see in your homes or business premises:  Rodents. Rats and mice belong to this group. They are known for their incisors that can gnaw on just about everything. They can damage your properties enough to bring destruction that is dangerous to you and your family. They can also cause disease such as Leptospirosis—which is very common in the Philippines.  Cockroaches. These are creatures present in our homes, in our office pantry, or in any warm environment close to food. Although they do not cause serious property damage, they bring serious health issues, from asthma attacks to spreading more than 30 kinds of bacteria.  Ants. Social insects that live in large colonies. They are not as destructive as rodents, but the presence of their colonies in homes and premises can also damage the property. They are also carrier of bacteria like Salmonella that can be transferred through food and open wounds.  Termites. Small insects that chew on any wooden part of the house. They cause property damage and once there is an infestation, dealing with them may require the help of experts.  Bed bugs. They are usually present in beds but can also transfer in couches, bags, and clothes. They can cause allergic reaction and skin infection and can also affect sleep.  Mosquitoes. Flying insects that can bite day and night. They can spread germs, such as virus and parasites, and can infect people and other animals. A few infected mosquitoes can start a community outbreak that can put you and your family at risk. Most common type of mosquito-borne disease is dengue fever.    Now that you know some of the common types of pests, it’s time to deal with them.  There are many different ways to eliminate pests. However, it will depend on factors such as the type of pest you’re dealing with and severity of infestation.    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pest Control  If you think that there is only a couple of them, this method can help you as long as you follow the necessary steps.  Chemical Pesticides. These are chemicals that usually come in bottle sprays, designed to harm or kill pests. These include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides. Just spray on areas where there are pests. You can buy them at your local supermarkets and hardware stores. They are toxic, and if not used properly, may pose serious hazard to you, your family, pets and environment.  Baits & Traps. These can be glue board, trap cage, light traps, gel bait, or any baits or traps used for specific pests. The key is to know which type to use and where to put them. Some contain potential hazards so follow instructions accordingly and keep out of reach of kids.  Pest-repellent Plants. Some plants contain pest-repellent properties. These are lavender, oregano, basil, citronella grass, eucalyptus and many more. If you’re a plantita or a plantito, consider having these plants in your home and office.    Anyone who wants to deal with pest by themselves can follow these methods anytime, in fact, you can do it too. But, should you?     Are you sure about the number of pests lurking in your homes? What if there’s already a severe infestation? How about your kids who might inhale the chemical particles in the air, or your pets which might accidentally eat those pest pellets? Considering these things, you may opt for a professional pest control service near you.    Professional Pest Control Service  Hiring professionals to control the pests in your home and business premise is more beneficial than doing it yourself. These experts, known as Pest Control Technicians, possess the right knowledge and information about pests and how to get rid of them. They will apply the most effective approach to eliminate those pests.     Here are the benefits of hiring a professional pest control service:  Gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your home or business premise is pest-free is worth the cost you will spend for hiring these professionals. They not only rid of the pests but also eradicates the source to ensure that you will no longer have this problem.  Saves your money. Professionals’ method of eliminating pest is very cost-effective and gives you value for money. Imagine paying a doctor or a vet if your kid or pet gets harmed by the pesticide or spending money on traps or bait until you purchased the right product.   Saves your time. For individuals who have a very busy schedule, hiring professionals saves you from spending all your extra time looking for the source of pests and following the DIY approach.       The DIY approach may have cost you less than booking an expert, but doing the latter gives you the peace of mind, value for money and an extra time to bond with your family.    The next time you see pests running around the kitchen, flying on food, or going the extra mile to build colonies in your wall, look for a pest control service provider that can give you the expected result.    Coming Soon: Dangers of Rodents and How to Prevent Them. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Deep Cleaning Your Living Room Checklist

The living room is a busy area in most homes.    It’s where you usually gather as a family, where you receive guests, and often, a sweet spot for most pets. It is also where you pass through when going to other parts of your home.    All that activity can accumulate lots of dirt, grime, and dust, and there’s no better way to clean than to deep clean.     Deep Cleaning the Living Room and Its’ Importance  In our previous post about what deep cleaning is, we discussed how it’s different from regular cleaning and the tasks involved with it. Rather than it being a quick cleaning hack, it requires a thorough cleaning of your home. Even if you sweep and dust once a week, there are nooks and crannies that can’t be cleaned by your regular cleaning.    To help you, we compiled this checklist so you can give your living room some extra love. But before that, you can answer these questions first:  Is your living room cluttered?  Is there dust spewing into the air whenever you sit down on your couch?  Do you have trouble finding time to clean your living room thoroughly?    If you answered YES to all our questions, then this checklist is perfect for you! Complete them little by little whenever you have time. But, in case you could not find time at all, leave it to a cleaning professional near you.    Preliminary Steps for Living Room Deep Cleaning  Declutter. If you have a cluttered living room, spend 15 minutes or less to clear out the clutter.  This could be anything—from your kids’ toys, your teens’ books or your husband’s magazines.  Remove all non-living room items.   Prepare your supplies. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin deep  cleaning. Suggested tools and supplies are the following:  Dust Mop  Cleaning Cloth (microfiber works best)  Step-ladder  Small bucket with handle  Sponges  Gentle cleanser  Spot remover  Multi-purpose cleaner  Window glass cleaner  Vacuum cleaner  Gloves  Complete a task or two. If you’re working and can only spare a little time as possible, find 30-45 minutes each day to do one task or do them by batch (some tasks take little time, some take longer). But don’t get us wrong, if you have an entire day, complete them all at once, so you can relax after all the cleaning.      Living Room Deep Cleaning Checklist  Now that you’re done with the preliminary steps, use this checklist to deep clean your living room. Complete them all in few hours, or do it one task at a time.  Dust down living room ceiling, corners of walls, and top of your furniture  Dust flat surfaces and décor along the living room walls  Dust and clean the ceiling fan (if there’s any) in the living room  Take down curtains and blinds to clean them or have them clean by professional  Dust mantle   Empty shelves and cabinets; dust and wipe the interior and exterior  Remove smudges and polish light switches, door knobs thoroughly   Vacuum around base of walls and heavy furniture.  Vacuum lampshades and table accents  Vacuum couches and chairs. If covers are removable, remove and wash them.  Vacuum throw pillows. If covers are removable, remove and wash them.  Vacuum floor, carpet, and throw rugs.  Wipe down electronic screen and devices, entertainment center and tabletops  Clean or wash the doormats in and out your doorways  Clean and polish the floor  Disinfect and sanitize the whole area      After you’re done with all the tasks, you can relax and enjoy even when last-minute guests stop by to visit. Your weekly cleaning will also be easier, so spend those extra hours for things that matter.      If you have a limited time, a bigger house or don’t want to spend time on cleaning, you can always book a deep cleaning service near you.    Coming Soon: Deep Cleaning for your Bathroom. Check back here for update or subscribe to our email.

Jumpstart Your Deep Cleaning

Deadline. Reports. Online meetings. Kids’ school module. Laundry. Housekeeping. The list goes on.    Sounds familiar?     If you’re a working mom with this list, you might want to consider getting help around the house.  It can be overwhelming to clean, especially if you have kids around and work to manage. The endless clutter, dirt build-up, and viruses that might be present in your home can be worrisome. If you want to protect your family, save extra hours and spend it on things that matter, you can hire professionals to deep clean your home.      Deep Cleaning removes the deep-seated dirt and grime in your home. It covers tasks that are not included in your usual daily cleaning. It ensures that your house will be clean and spotless, so you can spend little time on regular cleaning. It also gives protection against harmful and disease-causing elements. The best part? You get to have some free time!    Book this service if you’re expecting guests, leasing your home, or just want a clean and sparkling place! Deep cleaning will need at least 4 hours and will depend on the dirt/grime and number of rooms to finish.     Tasks include, but not limited to:  Removing soap stains and scums from the shower head, faucet, floor tiles, kitchen tiles  Removing build up dirt behind appliances, inside the cabinet and cupboards  Dusting shelves, doors, furniture, baseboards in all rooms  Disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces and areas  Wiping clean all window glasses and sills    See for yourself how much you can accomplish with that extra time you will save from all that cleaning! Schedule your deep cleaning service now!    Next: Deep Cleaning Your Living Room Checklist

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